Marine Surveys by Port City Marine Surveyors, Donald J. (DJ) Smith, SAMS® AMS®, Mobile, Alabama, USA Port City Marine Surveyors
Div. of Port City Marine Services, Inc.

Mobile, Alabama, USA
Service Areas Include:
Orange Beach, Alabama & Biloxi, Mississippi
Worldwide Service Available

Donald J. (DJ) Smith, SAMS® AMS®
Principal Marine Surveyor
Cell: 251-421-5426

Services We Provide
P.C.M.S. is a full-time professional marine surveying and adjusting firm. Our firm has the resources, personnel, and experience to conduct business anywhere in the US and Caribbean (exemplified by our claims handling in Hurricanes Hugo, Andrew, Ivan and Katrina). We have been in the marine industry for over 25 years and surveying for over 20 years, providing our services in the Gulf Coast, East Coast, West Coast, Caribbean, and Mexico.
  • Marine Surveyors - Providing Marine Surveyors in conducting Pre- Purchase Surveys, Condition & Valuation Surveys, Appraisals, and Damage Reports on pleasure and commercial vessels.

  • Marine Adjusters - Providing licensed adjusters in handling boat, yacht, and property claims.

  • Cargo Surveyors - Providing surveyors to document loading and unloading of various types of commodities and product on ships and barges. Damage surveys of containers, commodities, and products.

  • Investigators - Conducting P & I activity checks, neighbor canvassing, and stolen vessel and fraud investigations.
Specific Services:

Marine Survey Reports:
  • Pre-Purchase - Normally requested by buyers. Commercial and Pleasure Vessels.

  • Condition and Valuation - Normally requested by underwriters and financial institutions for risk assessment. Commercial and Pleasure Vessels.

  • Damage Appraisals - Detailed report as to the cause, nature and estimated cost of repair for owners, banks, and underwriters.

  • Vessel Appraisals - Valuation of vessels for banks in loan processing and repossessions. Court ordered property settlements.

  • Infrared Thermal Imaging - Thermal Imaging of vessel's electrical systems, engines and hull. Level I Thermographer

  • Ultrasonic Hull Thickness Gauging
Marine Claim Reports:
  • Claim Report - Detail report as to the cause, nature and estimated cost of repair. Applying depreciation and deductibles as per policy or contract.

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